A fun memory-game for the whole family!
targeted at the younger audience from 3 years and up!

Its printed on birch wooden tiles which are sturdy and sanded carefully to prevent splintering. The wood is also preferably used by many toy manufacturers, because these are safe from toxins, which is ideal for 3 year old children who tend to put things in their mouth to discover things.

The stickers are covered with a coated layer which can withstand water and liquids.. so whenever your kid chews, or drops his/her juicebox on it, you can easily clean it off. This all makes it a very useful gift for the younger ones. in comparison to normal cardboard printed tiles, which break easily.

All these items can stored inside a small 100% cotton muslin bag which is washable, once the kids are done playing with it.

26 march 2017
Toy Design
Graphic designer